Client Testimonials

You just have to use them! You will not regret it
Stan Gibson, Gibson Bros Property
They are always on hand to help me understand the numbers
Scott Ewins, CDE Cleaning Services Ltd
They have helped me keep control of my accounts
Hughie O’Connor, Celtic Fire Limited
CCA have really helped us with our quarterly accounts They take the strain for us
Estelle Harris, CES Limited


How do I become a client?

Easily!  Firstly we like to meet you to decide if we can work together and of course there will be a few forms to complete, but essentially you appoint us and we become your Accountant. We will take as much hassle away from switching Accountants as possible.

Why should I use a Chartered Accountant?

How do you know your Accountant is qualified with a professional body? You must make sure your business is in safe hands by using professional organisations to advise on the in’s and out’s of the financial world.

Xero is the UK’s most innovative online accountancy systems.  It will transform the way you run your business.  You can now access your Accounts information from anywhere in the world.  To find out more click below