Why should I use a chartered accountant?

How do you know your Accountant is qualified with a professional body?  You must make sure your business is in safe hands by using professional organisations to advise on the in’s and out’s of the financial world.

We have published below text taken directly from the Institute of Chartered Accountants website, detailing reasons why you should use a Chartered Accountant.

Legally anyone can call themselves an ‘accountant’ without any training or experience. Before becoming a ‘chartered accountant’ and using the designatory letters ACA or FCA, our members must:

• undertake a period of at least three years training with an organisation that is authorised by ICAEW; and
• pass rigorous examinations embracing financial management, financial reporting, auditing, business analysis and strategy, and taxation. This training and experience also ensures that chartered accountants develop communication skills, business awareness and professional judgement.

ICAEW members are expected to maintain high standards of ethical and professional conduct. Our scheme of Practice Assurance gives members in practice a framework of quality assurance principles to help them assess and develop their own practices. It demonstrates their commitment to upholding and developing professional standards.

All members must comply with ICAEW’s scheme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), ensuring that their knowledge and skills are kept up to date.

Chartered Accountants who offer accountancy services to the public must have professional indemnity insurance. Firms must have a complaints procedure but ICAEW can become involved if necessary.

Knowing that our members have undertaken a rigorous training regime and have rules to follow and a reputation to live up to means you can rely on the advice you get from them. 

To learn more please visit www.icaew.com .