Case Study: Solutech

Croombs Chartered Accountants in Hampshire

Service Desk and Software Management Systems

Solutech are one of the leading suppliers in the UK and US today for "Out of the Box" Service Desk, CRM and Software Management solutions. 

Working with Croombs Chartered Accountants...

We have been working together since 2007.  Previously we were with a Bookkeeper and a small Accountant but we did not get any regular advice.  The business was growing and we needed a small business expert to help advise our business.

They have also recently helped us implement Xero as an Accounts package and this has helped us keep a closer track of our finances.

A few words to describe Croombs Chartered Accountants...

They have become my trusted adviser and are always around to discuss the business.

How have things changed?

We can now keep a track on the finances of the business.  We now use Croombs to handle the complete bookkeeping function of the business.

Anything else?

It is great to have someone you can talk to about the business and not worry about receiving large bills. They take an interest in the business and are always around if we need to talk to them.

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