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Martin & Co provide a high quality low cost lettings service to Landlords of all types in the Andover area.

Working with Croombs Chartered Accountants...

We have been working together since 2010 and they have helped me implement a new Accounts system that enables me to track exactly where the business is at any point in time.

A few words to describe Croombs Chartered Accountants...

They have helped me understand the numbers of the business.  They are friendly and easy to deal with.  I can call them whenever I need to and they will help.

How have things changed?

Before we met we were using a spreadsheet that was not really up to task of managing the business.
Now, every day before I start my working day I look at the accounts and establish where we are.  Its been an absolute revelation!

Anything else?

They take an interest in my business and are not just concerned about taking a fee from me.

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